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About the Reiki Levels

Transform your Life with Reiki

Begin your journey with the foundational levels of Reiki or embark on the full journey by taking all levels!

Learn about Lisa Guyman’s Reiki Workshops. Receive your Reiki attunements and take part in a comprehesive hands-on Reiki experience and practice Reiki in the comfort of your home. Get ready to make a shift! Start practicing Reiki on yourself, start seeing clients (remotely or in-person) and work on loved ones near and far.

Learn about the Reiki levels

to decide what levels speak to you!

If you already know what levels of Reiki you want to attend make your selection:

Reiki I & II Workshop Curriculum

First Degree Reiki & Second Degree Reiki – The Foundation of Reiki
Reiki I & II is the foundation of Reiki. You are empowered to practice Reiki on yourself and others – both in-person and remotely. You can start practicing Reiki on others after taking Reiki I & II. You can work on YOURSELF, clients, family and friends REMOTELY on Zoom (or by phone) or in-person.

  • The Reiki I & II workshop increases healing energy in your life, enhances personal growth.
  • In class discover just how deeply relaxing and easy it is to practice Reiki.
  • Learn about the history of Reiki and how prevalent Reiki is today.
  • Be guided into deep meditation and receive your Reiki I and II attunements.
  • Experience deep restoration and the shift that Reiki self-treatment brings.
  • Learn how to give a Reiki treatment and practice in class.
  • Learn how to get started as a Reiki practitioner and what mistakes to avoid.
  • Be guided step-by-step through giving a Reiki treatment. Practice on someone that lives at your home while they relax on the sofa, on a yoga mat or chair. (If you don’t have anyone to practice on in-person at home you’ll be guided in giving a full Reiki treatment remotely).
  • Practice after class at home with ease on clients or family or friends. Practice alongside with my guided Reiki practice video.
  • Learn practices for grounding, connecting, scanning, clearing and setting intention.
  • Learn to trust Reiki and be a clear conduit for the Reiki treatments.
  • Learn how to apply Reiki in your everyday life
  • Reiki workshops are frequently accompanied by a heightened journey of personal growth. The attunements activate this energetic/chakra cleanse.
  • With your practice of Reiki whether you are working on yourself or another you’ll enjoy relaxation, re-centering and greater well-being.
  • Activate the energy centers in your palms and increase receptivity to “ki” energy.
  • Learn about the healing energies & applications of the power, harmony and connection symbols.
  • Tap into intuition which is increased by the Reiki attunements
  • Learn how to do long-distance Reiki and practice long-distance Reiki in class.
  • Receive my comprehensive Reiki I/II Manual in pdf format.

    Lisa Guyman Reiki Classes in Chicago, Detroit, Denver and Austin

    Student’s Practicing in one of Lisa Guyman’s Reiki Classes!

Reiki Master Workshop Curriculum

Reiki Master Class – The Highest Practitioner Level

  • The Reiki Masters class attunes you to the Master Symbol activates the highest level of practitioner Reiki.
  • Experience a powerful guided meditation and be attuned to the Master level of Reiki activating the Master level of Reiki energy.
  • Learn the Master symbol and experience the healing energies of this symbol.
  • Get clarity around any of your Reiki questions.
  • Observe and learn the Energetic Release Technique.
  • Receive Reiki in class.
  • Practice the Energetic Release Technique in class.
  • Receive my Reiki Master manual in pdf format.
  • Prerequisite – To attend my Master course requires prior attendance at either a virtual Reiki I and II training with Lisa Guyman or an in-person Reiki I/II course that was 10-12 hours in duration with Lisa Guyman or another teacher.


Reiki Teacher Training Curriculum

Opening the Doors to All Possibilities

The Reiki Teacher training isn’t just for people who want to teach Reiki. Many of my students have enjoyed the behind the scenes view of the Reiki Teacher class – in spite of having no expectation of ever teaching Reiki – because it enhanced their confidence as a practitioner.

In this class you’ll get a 360 degree view and experience of Reiki: you’ll see how the attunements are done and get to practice the attunements with a classmate. You’ll learn the keys to successfully empowering others with Reiki.

Learn how to teach Reiki one-on-one or in small groups, online or in-person. Or simply take the Reiki Teacher level to enhance your Reiki practice and after practicing Reiki for a few months, if you feel guided to, start with teaching a Reiki self-care class (focusing on Reiki self-treatments) or a Reiki I class.

Taking all levels of Reiki gives you the most versatility with Reiki. You can not only practice Reiki, you can activate and teach Reiki to others in your circle and beyond.

  • Deepen your understanding of Reiki.
  • Build your confidence as a Reiki practitioner.
  • Be empowered to teach self-care Reiki.
  • Choose to teach Reiki one-on-one or in groups.
  • Teach any or all levels of Reiki.
  • Be empowered to attune and teach family, friends and others.
  • Learn how to structure classes.
  • Get behind the scenes information on Reiki.
  • Give your first Reiki attunement in class.
  • Receive a pdf of my Reiki Teacher Manual.
  • Be able to purchase my physical Reiki manuals* for your Reiki classes.
  • Experience a guided meditation and be attuned to the Teacher level of Reiki.

I’ve had numerous students take the Teacher level out of pure curiosity and are glad that they did. You gain a deeper appreciation for Reiki. And your empowered at any time to attune others to Reiki. Perhaps you’ll teach Reiki to a friend or family or acquaintance and in doing so change someones life.

Get the 360 view of Reiki from both the practitioner and teacher’s perspective. Teaching looks many different ways: you can facilitate one-on-one or in groups.

On a personal note:  when I took my Reiki classes in 1997 and 1998 I thought I thought I’d teach a few people I had no idea what would unfold. Reiki is such a gift to share with others.

‘I took Reiki I, II and the Reiki Master training in September of 2019 from Lisa.’ “I just have to say that it is something that has truly shifted the trajectory of my life for the better. She is an outstanding educator, patient, professional, very attentive, and transparent in her method of teaching. This review is long overdue, but since my training, I have been able to significantly improve the lives of others in ways I never thought possible! But I credit that all to my teacher.Thank you again, Lisa. I will always cherish this gift.” – -Shaundra

* Note:  A recommendation for utilizing my manuals for professionally Teaching Reiki is six months of practice. If you have taken the Reiki Teacher levels with me can purchase pre-assembled Reiki class manuals for use in your classes.

About my teaching style

I’m a highly skilled at creating a safe, sacred, grounded and tremendously healing space for classes. At the same time there is a lightness and levity that I create.  You will discover in the workshops your unique style so that your gifts and your authenticity shine through.






  • Each level of Reiki comes with my corresponding pdf copy of my Reiki Manual. These manuals are not available elsewhere. If you take the Reiki Teacher’s course with me you can purchase assembled manuals for use in your classes.
  • You will receive a certificate of completion showing what levels of Reiki you completed. If you live in the USA or Canada you’ll receive it in the mail.

What levels of Reiki is it best for me to sign up for?

Lisa Guyman Reiki Class

Reiki can be practiced hand-on or above the body.

Trust what speaks to you. If you resonate with diving into the experience fully, go for it and sign-up for all levels.  If you want to start with Reiki I and II and go from there, that’s an option, too. If you register for Reiki I and II and then are so inspired in class that you want to stay on for the Master class or the entire weekend, you upgrade at the weekend as there is still space.




Your Reiki Journey & Getting Started

When you attend one of my Reiki Workshops you receive a certificate covering the levels you elected. I presently teach online only. Please research your state, city and county regulations as to how they pertain to the practice of Reiki. There isn’t a singular credentialing board that nationally oversees Reiki. After you receive your Reiki certificate showing the levels you completed you can optionally join the International Association of Reiki Professionals (see info. below). I’ve been a member of the for over 15 years!

Important:  The State of Colorado has a law which ultimately protects the practice of Reiki and requires Reiki practitioners to give clients a certain disclosure statement. At the same time the State of Colorado prohibits the use of the words for any practitioner or teacher of Reiki (no matter where they learned Reiki) to use the words certified or registered or licensed with regards to Reiki. 

About Your Teacher, Lisa Guyman, Reiki Master and Chopra Meditation Instructor

Lisa Guyman

Transform your Life! Embark on or continue on your Reiki journey!

Hi, I’m Lisa Guyman! I’m excited that you are here. If you are new to Reiki – you will love it! If you are ready to continue your Reiki journey I’ve got you covered, too.

I have witnessed so many transformations with Reiki and have compiled these Reiki Stories for you or you can read additional testimonials from my Reiki students here.

I began practicing Reiki in 1997 and began teaching Reiki and guiding meditation in 1998. It’s my full time occupation. During this time I’ve given countless Reiki treatments and have taught over 1500 students the wonderfully healing art of Reiki. I continue to be amazed by Reiki again, and again.

I’m incredibly grateful for the amazing people I meet on this journey. Reiki is transformative in and of itself and from all the feedback I’ve received over the years….you can be confident if you take classes with me that you’ll have an experience that surpasses your expectations.

My interest in spirituality began long before my training in Reiki. I began meditating at the age of 16 (independently pursued meditation) and attended Maharishi International University at 19 where all students and professors practice meditation. I attended the University of Michigan and received a bachelors degree in Psychology with a minor in Sociology.

In 1990 I accepted a “temporary” job as a receptionist, just out of college. Just three months later, I got offered a full-time job at the company in Human Resources. I was at that “temporary” job for seven years. In April of 1997 after I competed a year-long massage therapy training I took the leap! I quit my corporate job (my coworkers even threw me a “retirement party” at 32), sold my townhouse, moved out West (without knowing anyone in Colorado) and very synchronistically found an apartment and a perfect first office.

I started my massage therapy practice in June of 1997 and soon Reiki crossed my path. On July 16, 1997 I took my first course in Reiki.  I had previously taken courses in Therapeutic Touch, Touch for Health, and Polarity Energy Therapy in massage school. Within a week of learning Reiki I began seeing Reiki clients. I was amazed at how powerful Reiki was and that even as a total beginner people fell in love with the relaxing effects of Reiki. I fell in love with Reiki and Reiki Class NYC 2015began teaching in 1998. And as it’s said – the rest is history!

I completed my Reiki training over six months (taking Reiki II- August 16, 1997; Reiki Masters – October 18, 1997 and Reiki Teacher Training- January 21, 1998).

Since then I’ve continued my exploration with energy medicine and holistic healing through training in CranialSacral therapy, Kwan Yin energywork, and training and certification in hypnotherapy, in Primordial Sound Meditation (through Deepak Chopra, MD), Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga Training (with The Chopra Center), Yoga Nidra Training as well an energy medicine class with Donna Eden, and an Emotional Freedom Technique/EFT training with Gary Craig and Nick Ortner. As you can see I’m a lifelong learner and love that the courses I take for “work” would be the same courses I’d take for personal growth on this wondrous journey of life.

I can’t wait to see where your Reiki journey leads you!




Expert Reiki Training AudiosLisa Guyman is the author of Journey Through Reiki. She recorded and produced “Journey through Reiki: Complete Treatments, Principles, Instruction & Music” – 5 hours and 20 minutes of Reiki. This audio collection is amazingly supportive for your Reiki practice. Journey Through Reiki includes: three guided Reiki self-treatments, three guided treatments for practicing Reiki on others, an hour of music designed for Reiki and meditation, essential healing principles and more.

Become a Member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals

For added credibility you can join an international association of Reiki practitioners i.e. the International Association of Reiki Professionals ( Upon receiving your certificate of completion from Lisa Guyman you can register with the IARP.  IARP does provide a variety of forms you can use in your practice.


Comments/Testimonials from Students at Lisa’s Reiki Workshops: 

My experience over the 4 day workshop with Lisa was awesome!  It was quite intense, yet, profoundly healing and informative.  Lisa’s meditations before the attunements were incredible.  Lisa’s supportive and accepting demeanor in class was so appreciated.  Lisa made it very comfortable to share information and ask questions.  I have taken Reiki I and II 4 times and this was the most rewarding Reiki workshop I have had the honor to attend.  Thank you so much, Lisa!    (Linda – Ann Arbor, Michigan).    August 2014.


“I wanted to take some time and express gratitude for the wonderful Reiki class I attended.  I just really appreciate your spirit and am very blessed that you love to teach the class.  I know on a personal level it has really changed my life and I’m can only guess how many others it has changed.  Much growth has occurred for me and I thank you for your part.”  (Debbie – Aurora).


“Lisa is very gentle, passionate, and present. She offers an intimate and engaging experience in her Reiki workshop, through guided meditations, intuition-building exercises, and hands-on practice with other students. Lisa’s workshop was energizing, intriguing, and relaxing, and the weekend provided me with a deeper understanding of Reiki.”  –Bryan Clark, Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie.

“I just wanted to thank you one more time for teaching the Reiki. It has made a tremendous difference in my life.”  (Paula – Denver).


“A year ago in April 2013 I took your course, and can honestly say it profoundly affected my life.  The best way I can describe it is an awakening of my spirit, an uplifting of my soul and an awareness that I am so much more that I ever imagined.  Thank you for being a part of my life path, I consider you an invaluable guide in my journey.”  (Genevieve Wolfgram – Michigan)


A Reiki Master/Teacher Student on Teaching Reiki after my Training:  “It was AMAZING!   I feel so blessed to be able to share what I have learned and experienced over the years.  Your manuals are so wonderful.  I got out all of my manuals from taking so many Level Ones over the years and your manuals are exactly what the Reiki world needs.” — Cindy (Ohio).

“I truly enjoyed taking your Reiki classes.   I feel a change in my sensitivity and have had an opportunity to work with my family and friends since the workshop.  The feedback I’ve received is that there is a ‘big’ difference in my energy work.  I personally feel much more energy in my palms and fingertips and have even experienced an easier time entering and maintaining stillness.   You are an excellent role model and teacher — grounded, centered, and kind with a no-drama demeanor.   Thanks for a great workshop experience and opening to Reiki.” —- Vicki, M.D. – (Colorado).


“After receiving my Masters attunement from Lisa I found that the amount of energy that I could channel was greatly increased and the tools learned in the class along with free form Reiki techniques gave me additional tools that I can use in my Reiki practice. This class is a must take for anyone who plans to see clients for Reiki treatments! Thank you Lisa for your knowledge and awesome teaching skills.”  Bill E. (Michigan).


“Thank you so much for such an amazing weekend Reiki workshop experience.  As I said Monday, it far surpassed my expectations.  I appreciate how honest and present you are in the classes- it is evident that you are full of love and  truly care about those you are teaching.  Anyone would be blessed to have you teach them Reiki.”  (K.C. – Colorado).


“I really appreciate your approach to teaching (and life!)  You seem to make the knowledge just slide into place and settle gently around the soul.”  (Connie – Colorado).


“I think it’s such a gift that while healing others I will be able to heal myself.  Funny how that really wasn’t even my intention, but it worked out perfectly because I feel I really needed this.  I KNOW my spirit has brought me on this path and I am very thankful I was lead to you!”   (Crystal Chavez- Colorado).


Reiki - A Blossoming of Light!

Reiki – A Blossoming of Light!

“I wanted to thank you so much for your classes.  I have already been using Reiki on my homebound patients, and I am amazed. I am so new to Reiki that I thought it would be awkward, but I have offered it to all my patients. and even though I only seem to fit 5-10, or 15 minutes during my treatment time, they seem to feel the energy, heat and sometimes even colors  I am still amazed.  Guess i will start writing it down.  I am so glad that I bought the CDs, too!  You have the most Soothing voice I have ever heard!!!  Thank you.”  (M.B. – Michigan).


“Thank you for teaching me the next level in Reiki because it has been guiding me in new and happier ways in my life.”  (Jason – Longmont).

Lisa’s classes do sell out- register early! Register online or call (720) 683-0444 to register.


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