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Testimonials from Recent Reiki Training Workshops

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Join Lisa Guyman at a Reiki Workshop!  Below are just a handful of comments/emails, unsolicited, from students who took Reiki Training with Lisa in Denver, Colorado, Birmingham, Michigan, Austin, Texas or Seattle, Washington.

Just Some of the Testimonials from Lisa’s 2018-2019 Reiki Trainings

“Wanted to thank you again for the reiki training last weekend. I loved the pace of it and the opportunities to do and experience it. Also learned a lot from watching you practice reiki – so calm and centered, gentle yet powerful.” Joe – October 2019


Thank YOU for the wonderful Reiki training. I have been doing the Self Reiki daily as well as distance Reiki for a few other people daily. We have all already been reaping the benefits of it which is AMAZING!! You are an amazing Instructor. I so enjoyed getting to learn from you and greatly appreciate your kindness and loving way of relating to others. Lisa – September 2019

“Class was profoundly beautiful. I woke up feeling happy and peaceful and I haven’t felt that way in years.”  Brittany – September -2019.
“I just wanted to write you and tell you how absolutely amazing last weekend was for me. It’s changed my life! I feel like I’ve found my purpose, and I feel like that helps me realize more and more who I am.  I so appreciate how warm and welcoming you were to me and the group.  I noticed that you accepting us for who we were, where we were at in life.” Mary – July 2019.


“Students in your Reiki workshops will be blessed by you. Like the fog in Carl Sandburg‘s poem, you will drift into their minds in your gentle, powerful way and they will be transformed.”  Kim Harris – July 2019


“It was my pleasure to learn Reiki from you. I am forever changed. Looking forward to evolving even more and hopefully, maybe… a meditation class is in my future.” Brandy  – January 2018


“I really appreciate meeting you and am so grateful that I took your Reiki classes.  I am still processing what I learned and what I’m feeling.  I have begun practicing Reiki on friends family.  I plan to keep going and have decided to offer Reiki in our shop once it opens.  I can truly say you and your class have helped me move toward my next adventure with more confidence and faith.” James – January 2018


“I enjoyed your class immensely and believe I went through withdrawals on Monday after spending a weekend immersed in Reiki.   I’ve had a chance to go through the manuals and you did an excellent job capturing the details of your class.  I was impressed how closely your presentations mirrored the manuals.  The universe must have guided me to your class because your style of teaching along with the step-by-step in the manuals works best for me.” Teresa – February 2018.


“Lisa, you are a gifted teacher!  You use your extensive training and practicing with an open heart and spirit to create an inviting classroom atmosphere in which you exhibit no pretensions. As a result you unlock Reiki for your students and in the process, and just as powerfully, you open the way for your students to be unlocked to themselves. My classmates and I, therefore, were caught up and we learned, opened, and released. I was amazed as I watched my classmates blossom and as I experienced that blossoming myself. Since your class, I have progressively made more profound connection to the positive energies of our Universe and perhaps others. You opened a doorway for me onto a higher plane of compassion. Thank you so much!”  Brad Harris – April 2019


“First of all I’d like to thank you for your Reiki classes! I was very excited to finally be able to take a class and learn more about reiki. I’ve been traveling and visiting friends and family who have loved and benefited from me taking your class! I’ve downloaded the cd’s and really like them.  I feel they are a definite must for all students. ” Lisa – 2018



I really enjoyed meeting you and the entire Reiki workshop experience.  You have an amazing presence and personality!!  Don’t be surprised if my skeptical husband takes your next workshop, he is enjoying it as well.” Jennifer –  2018.

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